Internet Design
& Development

Jeronimo Design DDS is a web-design and development agency with offices in The Netherlands and Peru. We have been developing web-sites and office automation systems since 1998. As the times have changed, we have moved on from static html web-sites maintained by us to dynamical, database driven web-sites that allow our clients to manage a large part of their web-site content themselves.

We believe that the most important aspect of your web-site is its ability to reach and inform your clients and potential clients. That means content and information are central to the development and the design.

Jeronimo Design DDS offer services that range from consultancy and graphic design to building complete web-sites, office automation systems and setting up web-servers. We can also offer only back-end or front-end development or combine the two to convert your design in a functional web-site.

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We can take care of building your whole web-site with the content you provide, to providing one or more partial services. Web-sites can be built from scratch according to your specifications or existing Content Management Systems or frameworks can be used and adapted. In our portfolio you can find customizations of for example WordPress and Shopify sites.

Partial services could include:

  • Consultancy to help you decide what kind of web-solutions would fit best for your organization;
  • Customization of existing web-sites and automation systems;
  • Front-end development using the design and API's your provide;
  • Back-end development using our extensive experience to provide robust and secure API's that your front-end developers can connect to;
  • Incorporation of our database modules in your existing site;
  • Setup and configuration of web-servers and mail services;
  • Graphic and user interaction design.


Software Design & Development

We are specialized in database driven systems, ranging from our own content management systems that were developed through the years, to customization of existing content management systems like WordPress or Shopify and frameworks like CodeIgniter.

The presentation of these systems and sites can be adapted to different devices using adaptive design, making sure that you only have one set of content to manage instead of worrying about different kinds of information at different places.

Some of the technologies we are specialized in:

  • Web-sites and automation systems using MySQL and PHP at the back-end on Linux servers;
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript at the front-end to ensure an optimal user experience, regardless of the device that is being used;
  • Assisting technologies like Mercurial and GIT on BitBucket and GitHub to make sure that collaboration is easy and efficient.

Graphic and Interaction Design

For Interaction Design we use modern techniques to ensure that interactions are smooth and work on any device, ranging from smart phones to tablets and computer screens. Where possible, we stick to standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS3 and where necessary, we add javascript and jQuery to do more complicated things and to cater older browsers.

Our Graphic Design can include all things that a business might need: Brochures, posters, catalogs in print and online, logos, corporate identities, business cards, signage, packaging, labels, etc.

To make sure you get the highest quality, we can also take care of the printing, depending on where you are located.