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1. Who are you sharing your server with? (29 April 2009)

Affordable hosting is normally offered as a "Virtual Hosting Service" or a "Virtual Server". That means that you are not actually renting a computer but merely a fixed amount of space on a shared server. Sharing a server with unknown other people or businesses can have serious consequences for your web-site: 1. search engines might kick out your site if someone else on the server is doing things that the search-engine does not allow, like spamming or offering adult content; 2. you might end up on mail blacklists if someone else on the server is sending out spam; 3. your web-site could become very hard to reach if someone else on the server is using a big part of its capacity, like offering downloads of large files or running memory or processor intensive programs; 4. your account or web-site could become compromised if other people have high-level access on the server; 5. inexperienced people could write programs that could potentially hang the server or compromise its security. Or transform it, although unwillingly, in a spam server, leading to points 1 and 2. Apart from what is happening on the server itself, it is also important where the server is located. A server connected to the backbone of the Internet in the US or Europe will serve pages a lot faster than a server located in Cusco, Peru, especially if the visitor is also located somewhere near that same backbone. Jeronimo Design DDS uses dedicated servers that are located in the United States. We are always monitoring what is happening on these servers and we are very selective about who we allow on them and even more selective when it comes to access. That way our clients can be assured that the above problems will never occur. Our clients are serious businesses, ranging from embassy's and psychologists to the tourism industry and hospitals. A reliable, high-end hosting service is a vital part of their business.

2. Design using css (30 October 2008)

Although it is not visible when a page is opened, there are two different ways to develop a page on the Internet:

1. Design using tables
2. Design using cascading style sheets, css

Pages developed either way can appear the same to the visitor, but technically and for the search-engines there is a big difference.

It is bad practice to design a modern web-page using tables: Tables make a page a lot bigger than it should be and it is very difficult to change the design afterwards. It is also more difficult for the search-engines to find the content of the page. Using cascading style sheets to develop web-pages avoids these problems.

A web-page designed using css consists of blocks of information, for example a block with the header, a block with the menu, a block with the main contents and a block containing the footer. An external css file dictates how these blocks should be presented. In this way, the content and the design are separated: The web-page itself contains pure content that is very useful to the search-engines and the design can be changed easily in the future by changing the external css file.

There are still many Internet development companies in Peru making web-sites using tables, but for the development of a modern web-site it is important to insist on css. All web-sites developed the last couple of years by Jeronimo Design DDS use css for the design.

The complete article you can read at: Modern web-design using css.

3. Real Estate System in Spain (04 April 2007)

Jeronimo Design DDS has launched it's newest module: the Real Estate System. With a few easy clicks you can manage your whole product / real estate inventory, thus always offering an up-to-date web-site to your visitors.

As with our Product Catalogues, your web-site is divided in two parts: the public part that anyone can visit and the private part that only you can enter with your username and password. Entering the private part you can change your business information and manage your products. You can add, remove or modify real estate, add, modify or delete photos, descriptions or whatever property you wish to manipulate. Your visitors / clients will immediately see your modifications the moment you push the submit button.

At the moment of writing the Real Estate System is only operative in Spanish and in Spain, but more languages and countries will soon follow.

To see how the system works, you can take a look on the appropriate page of this web-site ( ) or take a look at – and register in to experience the full functionality – our active site:

4. Content Management Systems for the tourist industry (20 March 2007)

One of the newest products of Jeronimo Design DDS is the content management system for the tourist industry. Using this system, our clients can manage a great part of their web-sites themselves. As our basis is in Cusco and new services and tours are developed here every day, the need arose for a system where our clients can change existing programmes or add new ones without the interference of Jeronimo Design, assuring that the information they offer is always up-to-date.

The basic systems consists of two parts, locations and products (tours / services). Additionally, another module can be added: hotels. All parts are accompanied with photos which can be added, replaced or deleted by our clients themselves.

The locations are basically the destinations a tour operator or travel agent offers. They can vary from specific cities to departments / provinces or even countries or continents. As locations are added to the system, they can be selected in the other part of the system, the products.

Products is a wide description of the tours, services or complete programmes a tour operator or travel agent offers. According to the specifications of our client, the system is adapted to offer different types of information, from summaries to complete itineraries or fixed departures lists.

More information can be found on our own web-site:

Jerónimo Design DDS English

Jerónimo Design DDS is a Cusco, Peru based design agency for graphic and multimedia design. It is specialized in web pages for the tourist industry in the English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and German language.

At Jerónimo Design we try to make distinct, orderly and comprehensible web-sites. We think the essence of your web-site should be its capability to inform your client.

According to your wishes, Jerónimo Design can build your Internet site, maintain your site or just provide you with advice.

Depending on where your clients are located, Jerónimo Design can store your Internet site close to them so it is easily accessible.

More information

Jerónimo Design DDS Español

Jerónimo Design DDS es una oficina de diseño gráfico y multimedia que está situada en Cusco, Perú. La oficina está especializada en hacer páginas web para la industria del turismo en los idiomas castellano, inglés, holandés y alemán.

En Jerónimo Design hacemos páginas web claras, ordenadas y comprensibles. Creemos que la esencia de su página web es la capacidad de informar a sus clientes.

Jerónimo Design puede crear sus páginas web, mantener sus páginas web o solamente sugerirle, según sus deseos.

Dependiendo de la ubicación de sus clientes, Jerónimo Design puede guardar las páginas web en sus países de origen para que sean fácilmente accesibles.

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